wild horse champ saves filly

A beautiful story of a wild stallion in Arizona who rescued a filly from drowning. The Stallion, named “Champ” certainly deserves his title!

The story is told by forest service volunteer in Arizona as the stallion helps the filly out of a swift river current.

Such a beautiful story of this stallion helping out his band! It makes us all the more excited to have our horses back at the ranch! Hope to see you at Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch this summer! Read our reviews, we promise you won’t be let down!


  1. Chunki Maxx

    That was a  most awesome rescue on Champ’s part!!  I love good horse stories.  Thank you for sharing this story.

    • Kit

      It was such a great story! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Raisinkqhorses

    This is absolutely an amazing sorry that just warms your heart and makes you think.

  3. Cometfreedom

    That was an amazing rescue. What a story of love!♥

  4. Izzy's mom

    Some of my best friends r horses !!!What a sweet story

  5. Darla

    Thanks for sharing!!  😀

  6. Abby Schwartz

    Sure do wish there was a video instead of pics! Wouldve been amazing to see!!

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