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Rap Battles & Cattle Drives

Rap Battles & Cattle Drives

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Next August?! How did that happen?? August?! How did that happen??

Comet Streaming Across the Sky at Pack Camp

What a week! Sun and rain and so much laughter. The Perry and Surritt families were back this week making up a little less than half the guests and they know how to have fun on the trails and in the saloon! The Ibrahims were also back this week and Jill bought a shot for everyone of age on Thursday night, Maddi (our assistant housekeeper) sang her heart out to Crazy by Patsy Cline, no one knew she could sing so seeing everyone’s faces soak up her voice was amazing. We didn’t get a dance class in but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the music and dancing on Thursday night. More than a few of the kids this year want to come back and work when they’re old enough, which is always a good sign of how the week is going and gives us more hope for the future. 

Our guests this week also saw the comet streaming across the sky at pack camp and did impromptu skits for entertainment around the fire. I definitely didn’t know that the comet would be in the sky for this long so it was really cool to hear that everyone got to see it. Christian got a shot of it that I'll attach in this blog. 

This week Jess got to wrangle for the Cappello/Malave family, and her guest Layna won Most Creative because she drew Jess’s dog Kimber as a goodbye/thank you gift! Seriously, look at the details, Jess was in awe especially as our resident artist. Jess runs our crafts and does painting as well. Guests in the past have commissioned her for works and she recently launched her website, she is also on instagram @_naturalvisiondesign. Definitely check out her stuff! Layna also has an instagram if you have one and are interested in seeing more of her work @frecklepixieart

It is always so nice to hear new guests say they can’t wait to come back and it’s equally as pleasing to have returners enjoy all we have to offer again. Our baby chicks are growing up and I can’t believe I forgot to mention that one of the ducks is a proud mama to four ducklings and they are adorable! She cracks us up cause a few times every day she treks across the road and into fat pen with all the horses, babies in tow, to go to the little creek that runs through there. We think she’s crazy but hey, who are we to tell a duck mom how to parent? Plus, she’s got Katlyn in the kitchen keeping an eye out on them so they’re in good hands. Our little goats are getting bigger everyday and we haven’t had to bottle feed them anymore, but they love the attention so they’ve been the perfect addition for a petting zoo. All the kids had loved going in there and hanging out with the goats, Jack the miniature pony and the sheep. 

Right before we had our awards ceremony last night there was the second annual BMR Rap Battle! The Surritt/Perry family brought this to us last year and it was amazing, so this year they brought it back better than ever! It was hilarious and I’m sorry to anyone who missed it cause it was a blast. Robby won Musical Genius this year with his rap, he’s 8 and memorized and slayed it! Definitely a highlight this week. 

I can’t believe it’s almost August already. It feels like we just started our wild summer and yet, we’re about halfway through the season. Today, July 25this my little brother’s birthday back home, so I’m sending him well wishes and hoping he’s enjoying the day with my mom and siblings down in Louisiana. Don’t forget to let us know if you or anyone in your family is having a special occasion while visiting us! We’ll be happy to take care of y’all. 


Unit next time, stay safe y’all!


Amber IZ



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