What a great week! We got two more goats and who doesn’t love goats?!

The week started a bit wet and rainy, but we had a hardy crew of people.  They braved pack camp in the rain and had a blast! The weather got better as the week progressed and on Wednesday night the group drove out in vans to watch the horses eat and Mother Nature treated them to a beautiful sunset.   The wine was flowing this week, the group had some fun nights in the Saloon.  

We had four amazing groups of people this week.  Melissa and Scott brought their family of children and grandchildren.  Their family dynamic was cool to watch as the week progressed, everyone was so kind to each other and got along really well.  David and Cheryl set relationship goals for the rest of us, they had so much fun dancing together and singing to Journey in the bar.  Ralph, Jen and crew were so great and really wanted to learn to become better riders.  I loved watching them improve every day.  I wanted to give a shout out to Evan who was nervous but conquered his fears and rode Sonny like a pro by the end of the week. It was great to see Jill & Zoe again, this was their third year in a row at BMR.

The cattle drive on Saturday really tested everyone’s skills. The cows were past pack camp near Whiskey Creek.  We called all hands on deck and all the staff and guests rode out and bring them back.  Four to five hours later, all the cows were back in the arena.  Everyone did and amazing job, if anyone who was here their week is reading this, you are absolutely justified in calling yourself cowboy/cowgirl.  Way to go!

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