Well we just said goodbye to another group of amazing people. This morning was
like saying goodbye to family. Yes there were tears but also many promises to
return here together next year or the following. So now we all have another week at
BMR to look forward to in the future!

Here are some of the highlights from this week. At pack camp we learned how to
dance like the Scottish do. The big tent at pack camp sounded like the kids tents
(although it’s adult week) from all the giggling. Deb, Joe, and Gina let me practice on
them to figure out a new clinic I wanted to try where they all worked on the ground
with their own horses. Thank you guys for joining me! Whiskey and Suede, my
round pen buddies got a workout as we had almost every guest come down to work
with them which was awesome! While riding up to John’s Pond with a group of
guests, a Bald Eagle took flight and flew very low above us as we were riding up the
road towards it. After riding in the Rocky Mountains for 5 years that was definitely
one of the coolest things I have seen. We also saw a little black bear on the road
near the Honey Moon Cabin. We had Mark in a chicken costume dancing on the bar
on Thursday night, which was hilarious. Wrangler vs. guest games were amusing as
usual, the wranglers have to go around the obstacles while riding bareback and in a
halter while dressed up in ridiculous costumes and the guests usually win. We had
some awesome happy hour specials; Jake made a Rocky Mountain Grey Hound,
which was creative and delicious. I dubbed my group of guests team Liquid Courage,
as we decided to ride 4-5 hours in the Saloon on Monday night, but then Tuesday
they were all trying to figure out whose idea it was to have them sit on a horse for
that long! We couldn’t stop laughing, it was a great ride.

Overall it was an amazing week, it was heart warming to watch the connections
everyone made with their horses and with each other. I hope to see all of you again
next year!

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