Well our official season has ended but we are still up to our usual shananagans here
and I thought I would post and update. We had a wonderful week of staff bonding
and hanging out. The week included 55-65 mile an hour winds which made even
the easy tasks tricky.

On Tuesday we dewormed all of our horses for the second time this season. It is a
fun day as we get to handle each of our horses and give them lots of love. We took
down pack camp and deep cleaned the saloon. More importantly we had our annual
wrangler ride! This year we went to places we had never been. We ended up riding
just short of 20 miles while keeping up with Brice and Conger. We saw all sorts of
different terrain. The aspens are so beautiful this time of year it was all really
amazing. We also all got a lot of jumping practice as the recent winds knocked down
a lot of trees. Some of us were very excited about this. We all got to choose our
horses for the ride and I took my favorite little guy, our Mustang named Whiskey.
Some of you may have worked with him this summer in my round pen clinics and I
wanted to tell everyone he is doing really well! I’m working on teaching him some
new tricks for next year.

The staff is busy making their plans for the winter. Being a seasonal worker has its
pros and cons. One amazing part is being able to change what you want to do every
6 months, but the most stressful part is also figuring out what to do every 6 months.
We have all entered stressful time of finding apartments and nailing down jobs and
wondering if this is the year we get a full-time job and buckle down or keep the life
style going. So far we all choose to do what makes us happy and not what we feel
we have to do. Amy, Emily and Branden are going back to Beavercreek , Matt, Lil,
Vic and the Mays are going to Vail, Hali and Lizzie are going to Breckenridge, Jake is
heading back to Florida help with the clean up effort from the Hurricane, Cora is
heading to Maryland and I am switching it up this year and giving Breckenridge a try
for the Winter. Emily and I are planning an epic road trip in the off-season, which
we are really looking forward too as well.

The horses will be heading to Walden next week to hang out and eat all winter.
Josephine will get to see her boyfriend who also winters in Walden; he is a big red
mule who loves and guards Josephine all winter. The animals get a lot of vacation
time when they work here but they are amazing for us all summer so they deserve

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