Well, we wrapped up another great week here at BMR! Every cabin was full, we had 38 guests running around with us & half of the groups were return guests.

Tim, Trish, & Cassidy came back for their 8th year in a row – Cassidy just finished her first year of college, when did that kid grow up?! It was great to see Isabela, Amber, Chloe, Lisa, & Kevin again – and everyone appreciated Isabela’s special request for chicken & waffles for breakfast. Thanks Chef Jake for making those! Sandi & Gary were here three years ago with two of their grandkids. This year, they brought the younger siblings, Caroline & Allie, for their turn at the ranch. Lauren and Sam finally made it back out – they had to reschedule a couple of times because Sam’s baseball team was killin’ it in their series & ended up coming in 3rd in regionals. Go Sam! Our friends from across the pond had a wonderful return visit, Jenny said that it was even better than last year & Alec is going to try to round up his mates for a holiday next year. Big shout out to the Mother-Kid trips this week too – we had 5 different groups! Debbie & her son, Max, came out from the UK – Max thought he would spend most of his time fishing, but by the end of the week we couldn’t get him out of the saddle! Sonja braved the Wild West solo & went to both Pack Camps – has anyone done that before? Brice & Thatcher’s Pack Camp won for weather & dessert, while Matt & Amanda’s Pack Camp won for best margaritas & entertainment – I guess we’ll call it a tie (not that it’s a competition or anything…).

Jake’s Lake was the most popular lunch ride this week – almost all of the groups went up there to hang out and enjoy the perfect weather on Friday. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding – a gorgeous a day at the lake. Then came Saturday… cattle drive started off great, but a little chilly. The cows are going far and wide and the herd split up so we ended up with 3 different cattle drives. While most of us were eating lunch, the sky opened up and it started raining heavily on top of the last group out. But, they made it back in with the cows and smiles on their faces sometime after 2:00 pm. Once everyone was in and fed, Mother Nature really let us have it! We had quarter-sized hail coming down…in August! After the weather calmed and it was just rain, everyone saddled back up and drove the cows out. We were all really impressed with how everyone toughed it out and got the job done.

Well done Week 10!

Till next time,


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